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Gudrun Vande Walle is master in law (KU Leuven in 1995) and master in criminology (UGent - 1997). She graduated with a dissertation on "High-rise buildings in social housings and feelings of insecurity" in which she examined the relation between the high-rise buildings of modernism and (feelings of) insecurity. In 2003 she get the degree of doctor in Criminological Sciences at the UGent.

She started her academic career in 1997 at the Ghent University, Department of Penal Law and Criminology. The first years she continued her exploration of the field of cities and insecurity. Giving assistance during the course “Bijzondere Vraagstukken in de Criminologie” (Special Issues in Criminology) which deals with economic and financial crime, she was so incensed about ‘Crimes of the Powerful’ that she set up research in the field of corporate criminology. In december 2003 she finished her doctoral dissertation entitled: \\\\\\\"Conflict management tussen private ondernemingen en consumentenslachtoffers van bedrijfsactiviteiten. Geïllustreerd aan de hand van een onderzoek in de farmaceutische sector\\\\\\\". (Conflict management between private companies and consumer victims of corporate activities. Illustrated by research carried out in the pharmaceutic sector.) The main topic of this research was conflictresolution. She examined with a clear emphasis on the victim’s rights, how conflicts are dealt with in actual practice, whether the victim’s rights are respected and if not, whether alternatives are possible in our contemporary social context. In the frame of sociology of law she has done research on complaint management for the "Hoge Raad voor de Justitie" - (High Counsel for Justice). As parter in the GERN she participated in the research CRIMPREV project as part of the FP6-programme.
In february 2008 she started to work at University College Ghent, an associate of the Ghent University, on a project on anti-corruption and integrity in the public and private sector. Together with the colleagues from the University of Liège they started a seminar in anti-corruption for the Belgian Customs Administration.
At the Ghent University she is guest professor in the field of financial-economic crime and sociology of law.
She is member of the editors board of the Journal "Orde van de Dag".
in short, fields of interest are:

  • Organisational crime: phenomenon, compliance and conflict resolution
  • Sociology of Law
  • City and security