GAPS presented Expertise and politics in a post-pandemic world - IRSPM 2021


Easton & De Paepe contribute to call for enhanced monitoring of lethal force in Western Europe

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Easton presents Iungos at ‘Securing the Castle’ event – Jan 2021

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GaPS participates at Conference on Ports, crime, security and governance

11/2020: This session will synthesize and critically present the policy-relevant findings of multiple primary research projects conducted by the authors in seaports worldwide.

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New Book … Out in July 2021!

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Sept 2020:Laureys presents on resilience of the Police in the aftermath of the terror attack at Bxl Airport (2016)

Publications on her research can be found through the following link

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Marleen Easton is presiding the Belgian Innovation Center for Security

More information on the activities of this network organisation on the domain of Innovation, Technology and Security can be found through the following link 

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GaPS participated in the Smart Policing Hackathon

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GAPS, IRCP & CRIS present their analysis of 40 years of Police in Belgium

Marleen Easton (GAPS, UGent) , Sofie De Kimpe (CRIS, VUB) and Antoinette Verhage (IRCP, UGent) at conference of Panopticon, February 2020.


GaPS co-organises SECUR.PORTS Workshop

Funded by the British Academy, organised by the University of Essex and Strategic Hub for Organised Crime Research (SHOC) at the Royal United Services Institute (RUSI), with the support of Ghent University & Research Foundation Flanders. (May 2020)

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GaPS organises 'Governing Flows' Workshop at UGent

Scholars from the UK, Norway, Austraila, the Netherlands and Belgium presented their current research and exchanged knowledge with practitioners from the field of security. Workshop funded by FWO, June 2017.

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GaPS co-organised Seminar on 'Security provision in ports' in Brisbane

In collaboration with the Evolving Securities Initiative (ESI) at Griffith University in Brisbane and funded by FWO, Spring 2019

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Some reflections on managing innovation in public policing

Presentation at CEPOL Conference, November 2017. For her publications on Innovation, technology and security please follow the link 

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'Governing and Policing Security' (GaPS)

The research group 'Governing Security & Policing' is located at the crossroads between governance, management and criminology. A governance perspective is used to study local, national and international problems related to crime, safety and security. GAPS is focused on (1) the changing nature of security challenges and the changing nature of the actors providing security and control (eg public / private, administrative / judicial), (2) the blurring boundaries between these actors and their power on a policy and operational level (3) the implementation of security policies and its implications for the security actors, their partners and citizens. Since the 1st of October 2013 GaPS is located at the Faculty of Economics & Business Administration at Ghent University.

Anno 2020 GaPS focuses on four central research lines: (1) Governance of Flows, (2) Innovation, Technology and Security, (3) Knowledge Exchange and (4) Security in local Neigborhoods.

This website is currently being reconstructed. Full bibliography of all current and former members can be consulted via

Last Updates

  • Publication: Rappert, B., Adang, O., Daillère, A., De Paepe, J., Dymond, A., Easton, M., & Skinner, S. (2020). Police lethal force and accountability : monitoring deaths in Western Europe. >
  • Publication: De Paepe & Easton (2021).Het monitoren van politiegeweld met de dood als gevolg. Panopticon >