Presentation: Anti-corruption policy in the Belgian public and private sector - Institute for Comparative Law

Start: 29 mei 2012
Eind: 31 mei 2012
Status: final
Categorie: lezingen aan universiteiten en wetenschappelijke instellingen (op uitnodiging)

From 29 to 31 May the institute of Comparative Law of Belgrade organised the conference “The fight against corruption” where Prof.Dr. Petrus Van Duyne presented the results of his research on anti-corruption policy in Sebria. The organiser Prof. Jovan Ciric, director of the Institute for Comparative Law, invited Brendan Quirke and myself from the "west" to present our "perfect model of anti-corruption policy in a corruption free country". Unfortunately we had to disappoint them on this. Main lesson of the conference was that candidate member-states and new member states of the EU have more anti-corruption measures to fulfill than the West-European countries. However street level corruption and grand corruption remain one of the biggest social problems in Serbia.