INTERPOL Pollution Crime Working Group

24 Nov 2013

On November 6th 2013, INTERPOL and UNEP jointly hosted the 1st International Environmental Compliance and Enforcement Conference in Nairobi, Kenya. This conference brought together high-level national enforcement officials, high-level ministerial/government representatives, relevant organizations and representatives from civil society. Topics of debate were the recent trends and impacts of violations of environmental law for sustainable development. The conference also addressed issues of implementation of agreed environmental goals and the impact of new and existing tools in combatting these violations. They also agreed on a number of action points going forward.

Preceding the UNEP-INTERPOL conference, the INTERPOL working groups on Pollution Crime, Wildlife Crime and Fisheries Crimes met in Nairobi. Lieselot Bisschop was invited to present the findings of her research on the illegal trade in e-waste to the INTERPOL working group on Pollution Crime. This working group brings together law enforcement and environmental regulatory officials, corporate representatives, NGOs and experts to address issues affecting environmental quality, including the illegal transnational transport, trade and disposal of waste. Lieselot’s presentation “Go with the E-waste Flow: Environmental Governance in a European Trade Hub” informed the representatives of environmental agencies, police organizations, corporations and NGOs about the scale, harm and social organization of the illegal trade in e-waste. The main take home messages concerned the strengths of and challenges in preventing and controlling the (illegal) e-waste flows.

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