Ponsaers, P, Cools, M., Dormaels, A., Easton, M., Vande Walle, G., & Verhage, A. (2010). The Spatial Asymmetry of the Police : The Geographical Anchoring of the Police and the Delocalisation of Crime and Disorder. In M. Cools, S. De Kimpe, A. Dormaels, M. Easton, E. Enhus, P. Ponsaers, G. Vande Walle, & A. Verhage (eds.), Police, Policing, Policy and the City in Europe (pp. 235-278). The Hague: Eleven International Publishing, Reeks Het groene gras (ISBN : 978 90 8974 337 4).

Datum: 5 mrt 2010
Status: published